Jude Law Has A New Lady To Boink

February 21st, 2007 // 17 Comments

I like to try to front like I’m worldly. But as you and I both know, I’m totally not. Otherwise, why would I derive pleasure from the fact that Jude Law’s new girlfriend’s last name is VILHJÃLMSDÓTTIR? (Sorry it’s all caps–there’s no emphasis there, I just cut and pasted cause I have NO idea how to recreate that on my own.) In any case, she’s Icelandic and way hotter than I am, so the joke’s really on me. Her first name is Halla, but I really wish that her names were switched, so that Jude would have to try to pronounce “VILHJÃLMSDÓTTIR” during their bouts of passionate likemaking.

Meanwhile, why is Jude insisting on dressing like Johnny Depp? Does he not understand that Johnny is hot DESPITE his strange wardrobe, and not BECAUSE of it? Sigh. Whatevs.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Megan

    How is this outfit strange? It’s actually quite fashionable and hot, in my opinion.

  2. prof

    VILHJÁLMSDÓTTIR is a patronymic that simply means “the daughter of William”, the other side of Williamson…Not to be too pedantic.

    Who cares, she’s hot, in a clean sort of way…

  3. Jorge

    Her first name is Halla, but I really wish that her names were switched, so that Jude would have to try to pronounce “VILHJÁLMSDÓTTIR” during their bouts of passionate likemaking.

    That was too funny! Brightened up my afternoon.

  4. holli

    (W)Villiam’s Daughter. There are no lastnames in iceland except —-son and —dottir.

  5. MJK

    Ugh! How did i know there was going to be some meglomaniac out there that would school us on how to pronounce that name……..

    AND throw in the word “pedantic”…classic!

    Gawd and another one giving an Icelandic surname lesson!

  6. silvarga

    Uhhhh, Well whatever with that. Personally, I appreciated the origin edumakation as it helps me remember the name.

    She has a very strong face and similar coloring to his ex, Sadie Frost, No?

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. C..t.

  7. CF


    How is it a sign of ‘megalomania’ to have a basic reading comprehension of a foreign language?
    I don’t speak Icelandic per se, but when I read the last name it was quite obvious to me that it would sound [VILL-yems-doh-ter]. Secondly, ‘pedantic’ is a completely valid word in that commenter’s post. Perhaps the overused “anal” would have been more to your liking?

    Hide your stupidity a little better before you post comments.

  8. CF….


  9. silvarga

    Don’t waste your breath CF, s(he)’s already left the free wi-fi station to go work her corner.

    After all, her reassignment surgery isn’t gonna pay for itself…

  10. Actually, she doesn’t look THAT attractive. (in the grand scheme of Hollywood attractive, not real world attractive ) Something a bit too masculine about her face…

    Jude Law has always dressed like a ninny and you’re right, he isn’t as pretty as Johnny Depp, so he can’t pull it off.

  11. MJK

    Actually Silvarga, you know who took care of the surgery cost…but your secret is safe with me.

  12. silvarga

    Yeah MJK, Ryan Seacrest was feeling pretty generous that day.

    But I brokered your ol’ snip snip under the stipulation that you’d start charging double for “pedantic”, and you haven’t.

    Seacrest gots t’make good on his investment. So you needs to get back on that corner.

  13. Aud

    Heh. Her first name would be pronounced


    And she is hot!

  14. SaraLee

    Jude Law is one elegant man (and hot!!). Johnny Depp is a weirdo and looks like a perv.

  15. Paula

    it’s like he’s going ‘screw you sienna’ your replacement if from ICELAND how cool is that!!! he always seems to need a woman on his arm who cultivates his image of ‘bohemian worldly man’ but he’s just a boring git, he doesn’t have half the personality of Mr Depp, it’s amusing to see him struggling with the hairline aswell

  16. isaidit

    Anyone would be a step-up from that hanger-on he had before

  17. DJLove

    Jude Law is a god. I love him. I agree Depp looks like a pervert and has the personality to match.

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