Jude Law Has A New Lady To Boink

I like to try to front like I’m worldly. But as you and I both know, I’m totally not. Otherwise, why would I derive pleasure from the fact that Jude Law’s new girlfriend’s last name is VILHJÁLMSDÓTTIR? (Sorry it’s all caps–there’s no emphasis there, I just cut and pasted cause I have NO idea how to recreate that on my own.) In any case, she’s Icelandic and way hotter than I am, so the joke’s really on me. Her first name is Halla, but I really wish that her names were switched, so that Jude would have to try to pronounce “VILHJÁLMSDÓTTIR” during their bouts of passionate likemaking.

Meanwhile, why is Jude insisting on dressing like Johnny Depp? Does he not understand that Johnny is hot DESPITE his strange wardrobe, and not BECAUSE of it? Sigh. Whatevs.

(Jude Law photos INF)

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