Jude Law Got Tired Of Annoying Sienna

I love the fact that Jude dumped Sienna. I say, kick the trash to the curb.

Sick of Sienna Miller’s tears and tantrums, Jude Law has sworn their stormy relationship is over for good this time.

The 33-year-old Alfie star – who the Sunday Mirror revealed yesterday has dumped Sienna – has told pals she kept him under constant surveillance since she took him back. Our spy tells us: “She had Jude wrapped around her little finger because he was unfaithful.

“On the set of her new movie, Sienna demanded Jude call her every two hours, and every time he went somewhere he had to let her know. “Sienna even tried to stipulate when he saw his children.” According to friends, Jude cut short his visit to see Sienna, 24, in the States last week because he couldn’t stand the arguments any longer.

The beautiful actress is currently filming Factory Girl in Louisiana, USA. Jude visited her last week but returned home to London four days early. Our mole says: “He decided he didn’t want to spend more time arguing and waiting around for Sienna to finish filming, he’d rather see his three kids
“Jude’s family and his male friends have been urging him to dump Sienna and they’re really pleased that it’s all over now. “She’s become very diva-like and just didn’t seem to realise the kids are his priority. She’s struggling to trust him again.”

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