Jude Law Doesn’t Want To Be Your Superhero

Jude Law is being considered for a role in the next “Superman” movie. Superman, the sequel, will have the character of General Zod (which sounds like the name of an over used sex toy), the role was made famous by Terence Stamp in 1980 in the original “Superman 2.” Apparently, there is a resemblance between Jude and Terence, and producers feel that he is the right choice for the part.

Ironically enough, it was only two years ago that the 33 year-old actor turned down the role of Superman, claiming that he did not want a character such as Superman to define him for the rest of his life. Rather than defining him as Superman, we have defined Jude as the British guy who banged the babysitter while engaged to Sienna Miller.

I don’t think you need to worry too much about being typecast in the movies, I think what you have here is a real art imitating life scenario or vice versa. Jude you will be remembered as Alfie for the rest of your life, and we all know what a great movie that was. So be daring and take that role in Superman, we will still call you Alfie!

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More photos of Jude Law having a flirt and some fun outside of the Spotted Pig in NYC after the jump.

Written by Christy Pastore

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