Jude Law Diddles The Nanny

July 19th, 2005 // 26 Comments

I assume that when you have a massive member, it takes a lot to satisfy it. Jude Law wasn’t satisfied by the hotness of Sienna Miller, he also had to do the nanny, Daisy Wright. The smart cookie that Daisy is, kept a diary of the affair. While Daisy didn’t kiss and tell, one of his children went and told Jude’s ex, Sadie Frost, about daddy and the nanny.

The Sunday Mirror revealed how Daisy was sacked after one of Jude’s children told their mum Sadie Frost – his former wife – they had found their dad in bed with the nanny. Jude seduced Daisy in New Orleans in March and the nanny was first questioned about their month-long affair by Sadie’s PA in June. Daisy denied it to Sadie in a call. But she was soon told she was no longer needed as Sadie had decided someone older should take over, following a misunderstanding about weekend arrangements.

In her diary, she wrote how Jude asked her to visit him in bed if she “felt lonely”. She added: “We kissed and kissed for what seemed like ages. I was thinking ‘I cannot believe this. Jude Law is snogging me’. “The next thing I know, we are dragging each other upstairs to his bedroom, kissing and then, in the bedroom, ripping off each other’s clothes.” At dawn one of Jude’s children caught the couple in bed. Repeated efforts to contact a spokesman for Jude went unanswered yesterday.

Photos of Jude with Daisy (as brunette) after the jump.

Rude Law [Mirror]

(Images Courtesy of INFGOFF.com)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ella

    What a shithead. I have gone from disliking him to hating his dumb short ass.

  2. shaneeza


  3. doofus

    I gotta wonder why he cheated on a beautiful girl like Sienna Miller.

    It could be that she doesn’t have much upstairs, and that’s why he strayed, but it sounds like he’s quite the lothario. Why these celebs have to get engaged or married so quickly is beyond me. Why don’t they just date each other?

  4. doofus

    to add, this girl is not ugly, but she’s NOTHING compared to Sienna.

  5. Marina

    I use to love him so much, and I never thought he would be the type to cheat. He always seemed so nice and caring. I’m extremely disappointed, but he is a goodlooking guy and I’m not surprised.

    Atleast he admitted it, and said sorry.

  6. neeshad patel

    i wish it was me instead of the nanny… he is dreamy!!!

  7. Mariana

    Sienna Miller is beautiful, but she seems really vapid. It’s not always about what someone looks like.

  8. Ashley

    poor Sienna. I didn’t really like her at first just because I was jealous that she was with Jude Law. But, I sat myself down and told myself that I WILL NEVER GET WITH JUDE LAW. So after that i’ve just learned to accept it and Sienna is cool. She’s also really pretty.

  9. sienna got him when he cheated on his wife with her. maybe wifey was crazy but still. so sienna should not be surprised if what she did to others is done to her

  10. Stephib82

    Did anyone notice that this Daisy person is fat? I think Jude got sick skinny Sienna’s sour puss attitude, and wanted a little hero worship.

  11. ??

    why?? why?? why??

  12. SassyBlonde78

    If I had the chance, I would F Jude’s brains out! He wouldnt know what hit him! He is the hottest f’in guy I have EVER seen! I’m in total lust!

  13. ikungfuyou

    Sassyblonde needs to sit on a bucket of ice!!!! Cool the loins.

  14. K

    Why am I not his nanny? Of course I dont believe in cheating, but who could say no to him? I LOVE HIM, although i do feel bad for sienna

  15. Sally

    If you want to get back at your ex just hire a pretty nanny for the kids. No, just kidding. Jude should have stayed single for a while. He probably needed more time to be single after his marriage and Sienna is rather young to be engaged.

  16. anon

    Yes, I did notice this nanny is a fat cow!! That first picture is just disgusting. WTF Jude?

  17. LP

    Daisy a fat cow??? wtf she’s hot man. You women need to read less fashon mags.

  18. xxx

    Hot?? By who’s standards? And, clothes certainly don’t make a person hot, judging by the pics above. Even a drag queen could look hot in the right clothes and angles. Yeah, the first pic, not a pretty one. First thing you see is the fatness of the arms and legs. They’d be nice to club someone with. Log legs. I think the point is that he would screw anything with a vagina.

  19. J

    Keep those thick women away from the celeb. families…. The men are tired of grabbin’ skin and bones.

    Jude did mess up though… twice. No excuse for that.

  20. bitches

    Well,if i was the nanny i would do the same thing F*** Sienna Miller she is probably doing the same thing!!!!

  21. Monica Lewinsky

    It’s not surprising Jude opted for a bit of meat on his balls, shagging a blond skeleton is probably not all it’s cracked up to be. However, banging the babysitter is a bit cliché. Jude, if you’re still looking for a replacement nanny, why don’t you give me a call, I’ve got good references.

    Monica Lewinsky

  22. notabigjudefan

    Ok, I am no fan of Jude Law, but for one thing Daisey is not fat. She is actually quite pretty. Prettier than whats her face (the chick he cheated on). I am not supporting cheating here…it was a horriabe thing to do, but it doesnt mean everyone has to get down on her. Everyone makes mistakes.

  23. sarah

    Is there any hope for the rest of us girls?

    If a guy like jude law, who was engaged, to one of the most beautiful, drop-dead-gorgeous, girls in the world, would cheat on her, is there any hope for us? I mean i just can’t fathom it; they’re engaged, she’s practically perfect, and he goes and has wild sex with the fat nanny?


  24. spaz

    i keep sqiunting my eyes trying to see daisy’s lips.where are they?

  25. lucy

    I think the nanny is quite pretty as a brunette, the blonde hair didn’t suit her.

  26. zomg

    this is one fat ass cow. Judw law is a dumb fuk

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