Jude Law Dating Someone, Not A Nanny

Jude Law is dating again. Yeah, it’s uh…there’s a drought going on obviously.

The actor is dating Kim Hersov, an American-born mother of two who works in London as the editor-at-large for Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar – and the two have now jetted off to India for a vacation together.

“They met a couple of months ago and the relationship has been developing slowly,” a friend of the actor tells PEOPLE.

The pair – he with a camera and she with a sun hat – were spotted visiting an historic fort in Rajasthan, India, according to Britain’s The Sun newspaper.

Hersov, who hails from San Francisco and previously worked for Vogue in New York City, has been described by Britain’s The Times as “extremely glamorous” and by The Sunday Times as “ultra-chic.” “She’s very well established in the fashion world,” says one industry insider who has worked with Hersov.

I don’t know if dating someone “ultra-chic” is the way to go. What if you want to just have Hamburger Helper some night and watch Jeapordy? But no, you have to pull on the Prada and explore French-Korean-raw vegetable fusion cooking with phonies. Still, at least it’s not Sienna Miller. Blech.