Jude Law And Sienna Miller…Married!?

August 22nd, 2010 // 1 Comment

According to the Daily Mail, Jude Law and Sienna Miller are married…at least in Laos they are. On that seemingly endless holiday that the pair have been on since the beginning of time the summer, they found time between sunbathing and sea frolicking to tie the knot in Laos.
Law and Miller ‘tied the knot’ at a traditional ‘Baci’ marriage blessing during a two-day holiday in Laos. The pair, pictured here in Otranto, Italy on July 21, 2010, travelled to the hills for their blessing with a shaman, who joined them at the wrist with thread and then gave them red and white thread bracelets to mark the union.

Reports also suggest that the couple rode an elephant together through the picturesque falls at Tat Sae, north of Luang Prabang. I’m pretty sure it was a separate occasion but I’m going to assume they got married atop that elephant – just to give the story more panache.
Both are keeping the ceremony under wraps, although Law was spotted still wearing his red and white bracelet at the Tony Awards in New York.

Savannah, Sienna’s sister, confirmed that the couple will be getting married soon and despite being unhappy with Sienna’s initial reunion with Law – after a nice trip with Law and his kids in Puglia, Italy – Savannah approves!

Jude has it all figured out, sure he cheated and lied but forget that – he brings one and all on epic holidays! All is forgiven!

By Siobhan Mayling Lam

  1. come on

    um, no, he didn’t lie, he owned up to it – did you put your brain on hold or something? does your mother think you’re the most talented writer ever? well she’s wrong.

    i’m happy for them. the ceremony sounds like a very romantic gesture, not to mention interesting.

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