Jude Law And Sienna Miller Still At It

May 30th, 2006 // 7 Comments

Yes, there are more photos of the on again couple. We’ll skip over any commentary about the reunion and go straight to what Jude Law is wearing (Sienna Miller always looks awful, so why bother?). It seems that the Brit has lost all fashion sense during his stay here in the United States. What is up with the sport coat, army cargo shorts, and untied Nike’s. While we’d expect Kevin Federline to be wearing that to a formal event, what’s happened to you? If you think this outfit is questionable, you have to see the jogging shorts after the jump.

It certainly seemed that way at the Hollywood hot spot Shag on May 22, as Law and Miller got close and cuddly over vodka tonics, PEOPLE reports in its new issue.

Lindsay Lohan kept the lovebirds company in their V.I.P. booth, and even volunteered to head outside first at the end of the night, creating a flashbulb frenzy that prevented photographers from catching on to the comely duo.

Couples who dodge paparazzi together, stay together?

More photos of Jude Law (jogging in some ridiculous shorts) and Sienna Miller, after the jump.

Jude, Sienna Cozy Up – Again [People]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. georgina

    does anybody really care anymore? They are both perfetic. Please go away! And they call her a style icon . . .

  2. susiegrl

    “Jude! Hurry the bloody-hell up! I’m late for my coffee-enema!”
    “Yes dearest, coming!”
    “And DON’T drag the bag!!”
    “Yes dearest, so sorry!”

  3. QueenV


    Seriously, the only thing Sienna Miller is famous for is dating or not dating Jude Law. I can’t even name any movie she’s been in.

    Who really cares?

  4. KittyLiterati

    I used to find Jude attractive, but he’s just mental. Not even Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were daft enough to try for a third go-round. And Jude and Sienna are NO Liz and Dick.

  5. Lenz

    For all I care! They’re just soo hideous that whenever they get screwed up with each other, both of them would wallow by banging on with someone else. Soo disgusting! They really deserve each other!!!

  6. Slaine

    Both of them are just soo fugly pathetic! The media just gave them a second look ONLY whenever they broke up and then they will hooked with someone else and then will get back together again (sic), instead of their acting careers. So please, both of them should get out of here & settle for BOLLYWOOD instead!

  7. sita

    I seriously had to laugh that Lohan ‘kept them company’ for the night…

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