Jude Law And Sienna Miller Are Back At It

May 24th, 2006 // 7 Comments

The are doing this to torture us right? I see no other possible explanation why the can’t just make a clean break of it.

Jude Law has a huge smile on his face after getting back with ex-fiancée Sienna Miller. Jude, 33, looked thrilled as they larked about on a boozy night out with pals in Hollywood.

He kept a protective arm around the actress, 24 — and couldn’t resist resting his hand on her bottom. But after weeks of rumours, we revealed on Saturday they were an item again.

Oh Sienna, don’t count on us to pick up the pieces once you break up for, what would this be, the fourth time?

Jude’s got loving feeling [The Sun]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Brody

    ………and we should care?

    He can’t act his way out of a paper bag. She has yet to prove herself to be anything other than an insecure, self-loathing woman.

    They are perfect for each other!

  2. T.

    What has that bitch done to Dickie Greenleaf?

  3. Anoushka

    jude law is a casanova and just can’t help it. i was having lunch in london on sunday afternoon and none other than mr jude law himself was sitting at the table next to me, dining with a mysterious blonde who was NOT sienna! they then walked out of the restaurant holding hands! it was him for sure and it just goes to show that he can’t be faithful. is sienna THAT desperate for him?

  4. Pauline

    They are obviously sick swingers! They both date each other and allow one another to go out with other people! Thats why they are never official! Sienna with Hayden, that model Nico and just about any1else she meets. And Jude with every good looker around. They are both sluts! But I still wouldn’t say no Jude . . .

  5. Astrude

    TRUE, They’re USERS so DAMN to both of them! And please stay out of Hollywood esp. Hienna coz with the likes of Paris, Lindsay, Mischa The Jessicas’, Nicole etc. (who are all soo full of crap… Who will still cares about her???!!!

  6. Chloe

    All I can say is that That woman can go back to Jude Law or still flirting with anyone anytime. DONT CARE! As long as she LAYS OFF HER CLAWS to Hayden Christensen. What a relief when he retuned to his sanity LOL!

  7. Sandy

    Anoushka dear, exactly when did you see Jude and
    Sienna since he hasn’t been in London for a month
    now but busily at work in H’wood. SHe’s been here
    most of the time stayinhg with him. Why must people make themselves important with lies and
    innuendos and why do you think you can insult a
    celebrity all you want just because they are in
    the public eye? They are human beings too with
    feelings just like the rest of us.

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