Jude Law Agrees To Abide By “Six Commandments”

September 22nd, 2005 // 14 Comments

I’m sorry, while they may be having fun and are happy now, there is no way in hell that this can last. First off, Jude Law has always had a wandering eye. Second, any type of agreement to behave a certain way won’t last long. He feels bad now (plus he has a bruised reputation), so he will be good for a while, but the euphoria and repentance will wear off.

Sienna Miller took love cheat Jude Law back only after he agreed to six ‘ commandments’ about his future behaviour, it was revealed yesterday. The actress’s list of stringent conditions include the movie star staying faithful, controlling his temper and not asking her to marry him.

Miss Miller has also made Law list every person he has ever slept with. She was furious when it was reported at the weekend that he once had a three-in-a-bed session with his ex-wife Sadie Frost and Kate Moss – because the model was not on his list. But he has denied he slept with her.

The astonishing agreement was reached after 23-year-old Miss Miller split with 32-year-old Law following the revelation that he had had a fling with his children’s nanny earlier this year. Desperate to win her back, he has told friends that he has agreed to all her conditions.

Thou shalt not cheat again, Jude [Daily Mail]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. doofus

    someone on here yesterday said it best…

    what do you get when you take back a man who cheats?

    a man who cheats.

    the girl is either stupid or terribly naive when it comes to relationships.

  2. tempy

    She’s really young-he’s got her by 10 years. Plus, Jude got madd game. It’s a challenge to him. He did it, he got her to come back. Jude loves da ladies and will share that little uncircumsized tator tot with someone else within the next 3-6 months. Mark my words…

  3. kdbear

    She’s a nut!And he’s an idiot!What a pair…One of her rules was that he stay away from Sadie Frost-his ex-wife-that will be hard to do since they have the children in common and everybody talks like they really get on well together now.They know each other too well to ever not see each other. It won’t last-they both are using each other…

  4. gwenn

    wtf is that dress all about?? Why is she wearing her curtains?

  5. Weird....

    Is it me or does Jude sort of resemble a much younger much thinner…Tom Sizemore?…I know..I know..I should wash my mouth out with soap since Jude was once a very good lookin’ boy….but he does kind of looks like Tom…

  6. dottcomm1

    she’s young and naive when it come to love. plus, her stepmother was pushing her back to a man who is nothing more than a prick with nice wrapping (nice stepmother. who’s her other child…cinderella?). it’ll never last.

  7. twotoo

    Celebs really have no idea how utterly retarded they are, do they?

  8. Ah, the absurdity of human nature.
    Staying in a familiar yet painful place rather than venture out into the world of the unknown.

    I would neuter his ass in a heartbeat….

  9. Cheesy

    He’s not allowed to ask her to marry him? Then, what’s the point of their being together? Just having someone good-looking to bonk when the urge strikes?

    Besides, for God’s sake, why would THIS promise mean anything? During the courting period, if a man can’t stay faithful, he sure ain’t gonna do it just because he promises later!

  10. PinkRose

    I give them 3 months.

  11. question

    Nothing against S. Miller, but…

    Who the hell was she before she met Jude Law?

  12. martin

    I think it works. They both get something out of it. She gets a high profile relationship, he gets a hot piece of ass.

    I think everyone needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Marriage isn’t realistic. You ultimately hate the person you’re married for the very things he’s guilty of doing—enjoying a fun sex life. I wouldn’t marry a woman unless she understood that having sex with someone else isn’t the same as being in love with her. It’s that simple. Everyone benefits and everyone remains satified. Just keep it safe!

  13. Cellie

    I would agree with martin. My experience has always been that attractive people are more likely to mess around than ugly people. It’s in their DNA to mix it up with other beautiful people.

    If the average joe could get it that easily, he’d certainly take advantage of it. It’s hot, fun and a great ego boost to explore erotic vibes. Don’t give me the bull that morality and religion tries to lay out. Sex is a healthy part of life. Take the correct precautions (safety) and enjoy it for what it is. In 20 years (ie. after 40), you’re likely to wish you had enjoyed your youth and sex drive more than you did.

  14. doofus

    hey martin…

    I agree with you that your scenario can work for some people.

    the problem comes when one of the people in the relationship (Sienna Miller) isn’t aware of any “agreement”.

    if you present this type of arrangement to your wife and she accepts it, more power to ya. But I don’t think that Jude explained the concept of “love” vs. “sex” to her very well…or at all.

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