Jude Law Wears The Gayest Sweater Ever

Christ, combine the rapid hair loss with that sweater that Loni Anderson wore on one episode of WKRP and you’ve got one Birdcage-looking actor! Jude Law is being called out for supposedly using a body double for a kissing scene in Alfie. While weird, I’m not sure if it’s that crucial. I would say it was probably to avoid Sienna Miller’s mouth but he did end up dating her.

BBC3 is filming a documentary about celebrity stand-ins, and it will reportedly feature an interview with a man who stood in to kiss for Jude Law while filming Alfie. Uh, ok. Jude’s rep says that it’s in his contract that he doesn’t use body doubles.

‘We can’t understand it. We don’t know who this man is or where they found him, but Jude never uses body doubles and it is expressly forbidden in his contracts. The only possibility is that he played the back of his head at a time when they needed to reshoot and Jude was on the other side of the world, but certainly nothing more than that,” his spokesdude says.

Jude’s people are supposedly looking into this and it could possibly affect the production company’s documentary. Isn’t there a war on? Isn’t there a new Joss Whedon show coming out WITH Eliza Dushku? Can’t I not find appropriate lodgings for Bear Week in P-town? There are way more important things to worry about, Jude Law minion!

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN