Jude Law Talks ‘Contagion’

On a scale of 1 to sexy, Jude Law is off the scale. Seriously. Look at his perfect features, the way the sunglasses form to his head & the sexy, scruffy beard. Now that we’ve appreciated his beauty, let’s talk about his new movie Contagion.

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The film, directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring the likes of Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard and more Oscar winners and nominees you could shake a stick at–but seriously, look at the celebs on these posters–tells the story of a deadly disease that spreads throughout the world. Scary!

Jude was recently interviewed about the film and talked about his character’s goals as well as the possibility of a real life disease outbreak. About his character he said, “He’s a campaigner for freedom of speech, but also conspiracy theories. I think unfortunately his ego and his pride get in the way of his convictions.” Oh shoot! Nobody likes ego! “I think he has an inbuilt reaction to government backed vaccination programmes, and government backed research, he has a cynical view of the legal process, and the governmental process behind investigation on medical issues. So I think that often leads him into areas of alternatives, then raising alternatives and watching them be covered up. Where he’s very interesting to this story is that he does actually get the lead on everyone else, he sees something before everyone else, therefore he has the run on them for quite a while.” Jude would play the leader, you know why? He’s got an accent.

Jude has wanted to work with Steven Soderbergh for quite some time, so it was a dream come true, “I’ve wanted to work with Steven Soderbergh for many years, many many years (laughs). It’s been a really terrific experience, he brings incredible composure, and confidence, and fun to a set. He has a very unique process of…..because he’s also looking as director of photography and operator, he has a very beautiful and intimate way of choosing his shots. I felt that absolutely intensified the relationship a director has with an actor, where they’re viewing you absolutely in the moment.”

And what if something like this really happened? “The overriding impression from all of the experts I got from this was that it’s a matter of when, not if. I suppose if you just step back and look at it historically, these things have happened in the past, and not that long ago. We’ve had little scares in the last few years, it seems absolutely plausible, actually more so now because of travel increase, international travel increases. Therefore the ability of bugs and virus’ getting on planes and travelling half way around the world.” No! No outbreaks! Please. OK, thanks.