Jude Law Speaks To The Court About Phone-Hacking Scandal

Jude Law's Looks
Jude Law's best red carpet looks.
We all love hearing about celebrities and the gossip that surrounds them, but some people definitely take it too far, especially in the case of the phone-hacking scandal.

Jude Law was spotted in London arriving at court to give evidence about the phone-hacking scandal that he was a victim in. Many News Of The World employees, including News Of The World editor Andy Coulson and the former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks, are facing charges surrounding the phone-hacking allegations involving celebrities and others.

Jude Law was among the celebrities to have their phones hacked, and was played tapes by the police of his phone conversations that had been recorded.

In 2005, News Of The World released a story about Jude Law’s then girlfriend Sienna Miller cheating on him with actor Daniel Craig. The court questioned Jude Law about his knowledge of how this information was obtained, if he had known that a close family member had been paid for the information. Jude Law said he had suspicions of this person being disloyal, but had no idea that money had changed hands.

Jude testified, “Sadly, it did not surprise me because it seemed to reflect the intensity of information about my private life that had been reported.”

It’s fun hearing about the lives of celebrities and the gossip that surrounds them, but there’s a line between harmless reporting and an invasion of privacy. We love celebrities, and we want them to love us too, not resent us. Hopefully Jude Law can recover from this break of trust soon. We support you!