Jude Law Makes Weird Faces After ‘Henry V’ Performance, Is Apparently Lovely To Work With

Jude Law Beefs Up
Jude Law beefs up for his Dom Hemingway Role.
Do you think that Jude Law went through my diary and thought, “I know what present to give Sabba today, I’m gonna make some super crazy faces.”

Because how else would you explain the magic that went on at the stage door after a performance of Henry V in London? Jude came out to greet fans, all while making funny faces. It can’t be because he’s shocked that people are waiting for him, right?

I mean, does he know he’s Jude Law? Also, fun fact guys, Jude is apparently lovely to work with. 

His co-star in Henry V, Irish actress Jessie Buckley, recently chatted with the Irish Postabout the actor.

“The wonderful thing about Jude is that he is one of the most approachable, unassuming, hardworking people I have ever met. Before we started I was a little nervous about it, but Jude is genuinely such an open and lovely guy and so exciting and playful. He has the curiosity of a child, which is just so thrilling, and he massively puts you at ease from the word go. He even comes around beforehand to wish everyone a good show.”

Well, it is apparently possible to think Jude more awesome than I already did. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the actor being silly at the stage door. Any of you UK readers lucky enough to see the show? Let me know how it is!!!