Jude Law Loved Fattening Up, Spotted With Mystery Woman [PHOTOS]

Jude Law Beefs Up
Jude Law beefs up for his Dom Hemingway Role.
Happy 40th Bday!
Jude Law's Red Carpet style.
Jude Law's Beard
Jude Law shows off beard at dinner at Peace One Day
Sometimes actors are enviable.

It isn’t that they may be rolling in millions but that they are able to transform into someone else for a role. Jude Law who stars in Don Hemingway underwent a makeover–one which he gained about 28 pounds.

Telegraph reported that Law drank 10 colas a day and ate whatever he wanted and felt ‘liberated.’ It would be nice to chow down an absurd amount of food and feel ‘amazing’ about it, guilt-free. Officially jealous, Jude. 

According to Herald Sun, the 40-year old said, “Now that I’ve lost the weight and my receding hairline isn’t quite as bad as we made it look for the part, I can look in the mirror and think, ‘Oh, it’s not that bad! I’m still looking all right, actually.”

Clearly Law is still looking great. Good enough to snag a cutie. View the gallery to see Law in good company at the Marseille airport with a mystery woman.