An ‘Appalled’ Jude Law Takes On Hackers– And Wins!

Law Flies Solo
Newly single Law enjoying life in Rio!
I have to say, the one thing I don’t envy of celebrities is their lack of privacy. Jude Law especially knows what this is like, from paparazzi shots of him arriving at the airport to more… sinister acts. Uh-oh.

Law was recently awarded £130,000 ($193,000) in damages from News of the World after a phone hacking scandal. He wasn’t the only celeb to file litigation, but he says that he just wanted to “find out the truth.” No kidding. Law’s private life has always been notorious and notoriously public, such as his on-and-off relationship with Sienna Miller. However, some things (like, say, voicemails) should remain sacred. Well, you’d hope.

Law’s description of the crimes performed against him are just super creepy. He says that nothing of his life was spared, “including the lives of my children and the people who work for me. It was not just that my phone messages were listened to. News Group also paid people to watch me and my house for days at a time and to follow me and those close to me, both in this country and abroad.”

Freaaaaaky. Good on you, Law!