Jude Law Dons A Fun Collar For The ‘Dom Hemingway’ Premiere In London & We Like It

What would an evening be without some Jude Law in it? Boring, that’s what.

Lucky for us that the British hottie hit the red carpet today for the London premiere of his new movie, Dom Hemingway. You remember that one, right? It’s the movie where Jude shows off his bum and says really filthy things. I won’t lie guys, I’m really excited to see it all come out of Jude’s mouth.

Luckily the actor has lost some of the weight associated with the character. 

I mean, sure I’m down for shirtless Jude whenever, but here’s the thing, lanky just works on him. Although, let’s be honest, he’s Jude Law. Everything works on him. I hope his son Raffi has similar genes.

Jude wasn’t alone at the premiere though. He was joined by Richard E. Grant and Peter Capaldi, who–fun fact–have both played the Doctor in Doctor Who! OK, so technically Peter hasn’t played him yet, but we’re close enough. Also, if you’ve never seen Withnail & I, I implore you to head to Netflix and watch it now. Do. It.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the red carpet! I’m a little bit obsessed with Jude’s shirt collar and jacket collar. That man is amazing.

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