Jude Law Claims Acting ‘Can Be Boring,’ Is Still Interested In Very Tight Shirts

Jude Law In Cannes
Jude Law shows off the goods while going for a swim.
Have you ever sat at your desk during your typical 9-5, daydreaming about a glamorous career in acting? Well, Jude Law is here to crush your dreams and tell you it’s actually kind of boring.

“I really love acting but it is hard work and sometimes can be quite boring,” the British actor admitted to the Sunday People.

But – but what about the red carpet, the shirtless Saint Tropez vacations, and endless receding hairline jokes? (Oh wait, nix that last one.)

“Genuinely. Making films can be quite boring,” he explained. “It should be something different every time you go to work and feel as if you are embarking on something new.” In fact, Law did embark on something new while filming his most recent movie, the dark comedy Dom Hemingway. In the film, which comes out April 2014, the sometimes-bored actor plays a safecracker released from a 12-year prison sentence.

Speaking of his preparation for the film, Law claimed, “For three months my diet was whiskey, fags, ­hamburgers, ice cream and more ice cream. I didn’t feel well by the end.” Adding insult to injury (delicious, ice cream fueled injury), “They cut my suits in by two inches all over so I looked as if I was bulging out of it like toothpaste from a tube. It had to be skin tight.”

Thankfully, it looks as though Law has found a new project that’s up to par: the Sherlock Holmes actor was spotted yesterday (October 28, 2013) in London, carrying a brand new script in his hand. And speaking of “skin tight” outfits, that shirt hugs the actor’s pectoral region quite tightly, doesn’t it?

Launch the gallery to see Jude Law getting back to work, and witness the shirt’s magic for yourself!

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