Judd’s Duds

I know terrible pun. It’ Friday people, just keep on rolling.

Ashley Judd is joining forces with “Goody’s Family Clothing.” Her fashion savvy will be morphed into a line of women’s clothing. The line will feature denim, t-shirts, sweaters, skirts and the dreaded cardigan sets. Her ideas were taken by designers who she took on several shopping trips.

You’ll be able to find her products in Goody’s 380 stores. The price range will fall in the affordable category. “AJ,” “Ashley Judd and Love” and “Ashley” will be hitting stores as early as this fall.

Don’t forget that tonight is the night for Amore Fashion’s model’s tv debut. Check out Jennifer Braff on the “Age of Love” Monday June 18th on NBC. The ‘age’ old question rears it’s head on the new reality show that addresses the “age is just a number” theory. 40 something women show the 20 something girls how to handle a man, while the younger ladies play their age as their trump card.

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