JT Confirms It’s Over With Diaz

Timberlake took time from his busy banning people from looking at him on his video set schedule to confirm that it’s over and out with him and Diaz.

Justin Timberlake confirmed he’s split from girlfriend Cameron Diaz but tells The Toronto Star he “can’t talk about it.” Freelance reporter John Hiscock got that sweet little nugget out of JT at the premiere of Alpha Dog on Wednesday, January 3, to which Justin brought his mom as his date.

People reports that after the premiere Justin took off for L.A. hotspot Social Hollywood for an hour long “one on one” with freshly on the market Scarlett Johansson. The two are appearing together in Justin’s video for “What Goes Around.” We don’t want to say it was a date but… but we don’t know how else to finish that sentence. Flirt, Scarlett, flirt like the wind!

Cameron might have been a little annoying, but she apparently couldn’t quite bring the level of stank attitude Justin required to the relationship (Justin and Scarlett Suck). Fist-fighting paparazzi for your man pales in comparison to not allowing crew members to eat in front of you. Maybe Justin and Scarlett can outlaw breathing on their set as well. What’s a couple of dead bodies compared to the peace and quiet required to lip-synch “what goes around comes around” to a giant pair of tits and a pouty mouth?

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