JT and Scarjo Compete For “Biggest Douchebag” Title During Video Shoot

(The video is totally unrelated to this post, but we had to post “Dick in a Box” at some point – NSFW).

I’m sorry, are these two deities, or are they curing juvenile diabetes or something during this video shoot?

Justin Timberlake and Scarlett Johansson are competing for biggest diva on the set of his new video, “What Goes Around…Comes Around,”. I’m surprised this story even leaked. They made everyone who is working with them sign a confidentiality agreement saying they can’t discuss anything that goes down while on set.

Prepare to hate them after the jump.

D–k Outta the Box [The Awful Truth]

Justin Timberlake:

People cannot make eye contact with him. One stand in did and he moved his chair out of her view for the rest of the day.
Evidently, Mr. Timberlake also doesn’t like any plebeians to make eye contact with him. “When they were setting up for the shot,” reveals a superinside source, “Scarlett’s stand-in accidentally caught [Justin’s] eye. He moved his chair out of her line of sight after that,” continued Desk “Comes Around.”

Scarlett Johansson:

People aren’t allowed to eat in front of her. She made her bodyguard tell some workers to pick their lunch up and move when she went outside to smoke.

Hungry crew members stepped outside to grab some grub, where Scar just happened to be hanging. “She had her bodyguard come over and tell them they couldn’t eat around her”.

Speaking of smoking, when she was told she couldn’t light up inside she had a fit.
The chain-smoking chica was most unhappy that she couldn’t light up on set. “How come we have fire dancers, but I can’t smoke?” she whined.

For real? There is so much material here that I can barely get the cap off the Haterade fast enough. Just when he’s at his hottest, this shrimpy dickhead goes and wrecks it. What is the whole thing with the celebrities who don’t want people looking at them? Bitch, you’re a CELEBRITY. You either worked or f*cked your way to being famous. If you didn’t want to ascend to those lofty heights, you shoulda stuck to singing doo-wop or break-dancing in subway stations. People want to know about you, and your personal life. You do not exist in a vaccuum. People are gonna say “whoa, that’s JT” and stare. Except after reading this, I hope they stare your ass down and say “whoa, there’s that douche nozzle.” The only dick in a box here is you.

As for her, bitch can’t get lung cancer fast enough.