Jonathan Rhys Meyers Is As Insecure As The Rest Of Us

Here’s Jonathan Rhy Meyer’s pics from his new spread in “Details”. “Velvet Goldmine” is one of my favorite movies of all time, so John Boy could punch a nun and I’d be like “well, she was walking too slow!”. In the accompanying interview, he talks about why his drunk ass (he’s been to rehab twice) likes to avoid the paparazzi and press.

“You know why I stay out of the limelight?” he says. “I always think there will be that time that people will find out that I’m crap at what I do. I think they will figure out I’m crap. Doesn’t everybody have that feeling?”

Hell yeah! You don’t think I’m always standing at a urinal in my head next to these other bloggers, hoping my peen is as big as theirs? I got insecurity in spades! I sweat blood on this keyboard hoping everyone’s staying informed and amused. Damn. What if I’m just some effeminate retard who’s faking everybody out? What if there’s nothing left to say about Britney?!?!