Joy Behar Deigns Women’s Fashon Mag Editors “War Criminals”

February 1st, 2007 // Leave a Comment

That’s the thing about “The View.” The chicks on there are smart enough to know that once things seem to get a little quiet–once all the feuds appear to have died down–they need to pepper the conversation with a couple of hearty accusations and get themselves back in the news. And that is why I secretly love each and every one of them.

Most recently, the ladies were sitting around and chatting about all the media attention surrounding anorexic models and conversely, Tyra Banks and her weight gain. Suddenly, Joy Behar interjects that Anna Wintour and her fashion industry cronies are, “war criminals,” most specifically in “the war against women.” And of course, I love it because at least part of me knows that I agree with her. I would love to see a cage-match between those two, although I have a feeling Anna would send in her second assistant to do the job.

By Lisa Timmons

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