Joss Stone Should Emigrate

March 30th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Despite a modest showing in the UK, Joss Stone is enjoying record-breaking sales in the U.S. with the release of her latest album.

The album, Introducing Joss Stone, is the highest new entry by a British female artist in US chart history, according to Music Week magazine.

Billboard said it sold 118,000 copies in its first week – 11,000 behind the number one by US rock act Modest Mouse.

Yeah, apparently, her album premiered in the UK at number twelve and then steadily dropped to number twenty-four.

And this is totally random, but when I first glanced quickly at the thumbnails below, I totally wasn’t wearing my glasses and thought for a moment that Joss was carrying her pet baby seal around. And then I thought that even though I don’t think for sure that they’re an endangered species, that’s still kind of a baller pet to have. Like how I plan to show up with my genetically-engineered pet Dodo bird that I’m leading around on a diamond leash to some red-carpet event. I’ll be all, “Yeah, you want one? Well, too bad, cause I bought the LAST ONE.”


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Jesse D

    WOOHOO!! Joss Stone is the schizznittt!!! I love her!

  2. ThaTruth

    HMM an album which was selling for half price at the major outlets [amazon/walmart n target],it was also on sale 2 days before its release at Target
    ALSO,REM TRUE queen of Brit soul in usa..SADE,the lady who released 6 albums in USA all of which were top 10 inc a #1 with PROMISE,she also had a few #1 singles.Sold 20 millions albums in USA alone [50 million worldwide]
    she never comprimised her music or style [unlike stone]
    She remains one of worlds biggest selling females,and one of uk’s biggest sellers of all time.

  3. Reader

    “Yeah, you want one? Well, too bad, cause I bought the LAST ONE.”


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