Joss Stone

April 12th, 2005 // 13 Comments

They replace Sarah Jessica Parker with this?

(photo via Getty Images)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jen

    At least she’s not like 45 annoyingly singing about how good it is to be a “girl.”

  2. Jen

    Yeah, but at least she’s not like 45 annoyingly singing about how good it is to be a “girl.”

  3. Lisa Perez

    Sorry, but I love Joss! Ugly dress and all…

  4. Tom

    She’s awesome. SJP is seriously overrated.

  5. jason

    SJP is not 45, the commercial was cute and WHO IS THIS JOSS person?

  6. Dane

    Joss Stone is seriously one of the best singing talents ever. And she’s fresh and gorgeous! SJP singing in those ads was just awful…just because you are a celeb does not mean it is your free pass to sing!

  7. petasse

    i’m seriously over SJP. Gap as usual likes to over-saturate everything and their last commercial was awful. Stone is beautiful, young, and talented. bring her on.

  8. Jen

    My bad, she’s 40. I like SJP just fine, but come on!

  9. sashay

    Joss is cute and all and I love both of her albums. But stylewise ugh, ugh and more ugh.

  10. phoenix

    Joss Stone is AWESOME! she can blow ANY wanna be singer out the water…(Spears,Lohan,J-lo,A.Simpson,etc etc) but i do question her sense of style…hmmm???

  11. whiskershrimp

    Sarah Jessica Parker reminds me of Wallis Simpson; her unconventional face, classic style and spic and span deportment are so perfectly American. This is what makes her a fashion icon. Granted, she has been looking “drawn” for some time now.

    Joss Stone is softer, European and more youthful. Fashion blunders like this aside, if she sticks to funky, casual clothing she will represent The Gap well.

  12. Brad

    Wow..replacing an old horse faced has-been with a beautiful, young, talented singer…whatever next???

  13. Brandi

    I think it was a smart move…I mean, how many teens want to buy from SJP? Joss is hot right now and makes soooo much more sense. SJP did her time, got paid….lets move on…

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