Joshua Jackson Worries About The Future Of ‘Fringe’

Joshua Jackson fears for his sci-fi series Fringe; word on the street is that it might be canceled after this season. The Fox show will return Friday at 9PM, a new (doomsday) time slot, after producers noticed a ratings decline.

“If you put a gun to my head, I couldn’t explain to you why the viewership has gone down from last year when all the pieces remain the same. It’s a mystery to me,” Jackson said. The show’s star believes that fans really are watching the show, but it’s on their computers or DVRs rather than during the scheduled time slot.

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“It’s not that not enough people are watching ‘Fringe,’ it’s that not enough people are watching ‘Fringe’ during the hour that it’s on the air, which is key for the network,” says Jackson, who believes the Friday switch will help. “You don’t have to go to school the next morning. You can always go out drinking an hour later.”