Joshua Jackson Shows Off His Shirtless Bod In Rio Alongside Gorgeous Girlfriend Diane Kruger

Joshua & Diane
The couple together on a sun filled holiday.
There are few couples in Hollywood as cute as Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger.

And they are made even cuter when Joshua Jackson is walking around their balcony shirtless. OK, so the shirtless part has nothing to do with Diane, but it just makes me love Joshua even more.

The adorable couple are enjoying some time in Rio where they strolled, smiled and hung out shirtless. Again, that one was just Joshua. Now, how come we always get shirtless pics of him, but never any bikini shots of Diane? 

I think it’s only fair if we get both, am I right? Diane and Joshua have been together for quite a long time. I wonder why they haven’t tied the knot. They’ve said before they’re content with how they are, so you know what, more power to them.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of shirtless Joshua hanging out with Diane. Where do they rank on your list of cutest celebrity couples? They’re pretty high on mine.