Joshua Jackson Makes His “Forgettable” Return on ‘Fringe’

Joshua Jackson is baaaaack!

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On Friday, Fringe’s Peter made his reappearance, much to the confusion of Olivia (Anna Torv) and Walter (John Noble). Confusing meaning that no one actually remembers him, with Olivia actually asking, “Who are you?”

Ouch! That one’s gotta burn.

I don’t know much about Fringe, but apparently, this “new Peter” has undergone some major changes. Jackson says, “[Peter] kind of went from being the impetuous teenager of the show to kind of sulking in the corner, to actually being a man. And the guy who would come back to the show after having sacrificed himself for the love of his family is a different man. I think he’s grown up a lot. I think a different guy comes back than the guy that left.”

And the plot thickens as everyone gets pretty shook up by Peter’s uncanny, inexplicable knowledge– which he “mysteriously” has. Lance Reddick says that everyone finds it “really freaky,” forcing Peter to work to earn their trust. Thankfully, the same isn’t true off-screen; the Fringe crew seemed pretty cosy together while filming in Vancouver yesterday.

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What do you think, Fringe viewers? Are you happy with Peter’s return? And if so, are you on Team “Old Peter” or Team “New Peter”?