Josh Holloway Covers Men’s Health And Shares Clip From ‘Lost’ Finale

Josh Holloway is going to have to say goodbye to Lost just like the rest of us, except he knows what happened already. He went on Jimmy Kimmel and gave a little sneak peek of one of the scenes from the final episode (second video). 

Before that, Josh talked with Jimmy about his secrets for getting out of half-a-days work on the show (disappointing spoiler, the secrets probably won’t work for your job), and how he’s not worried about his future career, because he can just be Kid Rock.

Check out the videos below for the interview!

Josh, now 40, also shared his life with Men’s Health for their latest issue and….boy did he share. When talking about the similarities he shares with Sawyer he said “I taste everything. I even tasted the cream on my daughter when she came out of the womb.” Um ew, excuse me?

“Well, she looked like a Cinnabon. I was, like, ‘What is all this?'” he says as he dips his finger in the air and pops it into his mouth. “It’s what we do. It’s how we know whether things are cool or not.”

Not cool, not cool!! Don’t you realize that something that just came out of a womb is not for tasting?! Why did he have to make Sawyer so much less hot? Now when I see this I just think womb juice.

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