Josh Hartnett And Abbie Cornish Spend A Romantic Evening Together

April 25th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Spotted! Abbie Cornish and Josh Hartnett got cozy on Saturday night at a New York bar. Cornish recently split from long-time boyfriend Ryan Phillipe while Hartnett has proven unlucky in love with a slew of (blond) actresses such as Kirsten Dunst last year and Scarlett Johanssen in 2007. Will Abbie be the blond beauty to finally steal his heart?

The two canoodled at Warren 77 until 1 AM when they left together. Cornish’s career is heating up as she films Dark Fields with Bradley Cooper but Hartnett (pictured at the L.A. premiere of Breaking Upwards on April 8) had put his career  on a simmer at the moment. Perhaps it is the perfect temperature for love.

By Lola Robertson

  1. Josy

    why you interpret things into the article that have never been said in the original article? there was never said a word about them being romantic or canoodling, just that they talked, nothing more.
    but that´s all you can, gossiping even more into harmless things!

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