Josh Duhamel, Katie Holmes and Anna Paquin Trading Spouses

Josh Duhamel,  Katie Holmes and Anna Paquin leave their spouses and spouse-to-be behind for a wedding and a love triangle on the Long Island set of the movie The Romantics. The three sit down to talk with Entertainment Tonight about life on the set and away from their real life significant others.

Katie, who the weekly tabloids declare is sick of Tom Cruise and has moved out, says she’s been able to spend weekends with her husband. “It’s been great because he’s been [shooting] in Boston and it’s about a half an hour flight, so we’ve been there on the weekends. Now Tom’s in Austria shooting and we’re gonna go meet him in Spain.” We being her and the wee Suri Cruise who is also on location with Katie and “brings a very special sparkle to the set” according to mom. Hopefully they will stay out of the movie theaters in Spain.

Josh Duhamel, who has love scenes with both actresses jokes “It’s one of the perks of the job I guess”, but comments about his relationship with wife Fergie “It works. It just works.” So does ignoring stories from strippers I guess.

Anna and her fiance Stephen Moyer, neither of which are American, will take the time off for Thanksgiving to go to Puerto Rico. “I think I’m going to lie on a beach and start working on my tan,” says the True Blood starlet. Can you have a tan on a vampire show?

As a little Turkey Day treat, here’s some pics of Josh and the crew playing football during a lunch break on set.