Josh Duhamel Is Totally Just Joshin’

I was pretty sure after seeing about 76 subway posters today for Josh Duhamel’s latest movie When in Rome, that it would surely suck. However, after figuring out that Will Arnett and Danny DeVito are BOTH in the movie, I’ve decided to open my little mind to the possibility that Josh may not just be delicious eye candy, but in fact also a thespian in disguise. After all, boy got his start on ‘All My Children’, and I got mad love for Susan Lucci, so that almost validates him by default. Don’t understand the math? Just go with it.

Josh recently told the CBS Early Show cast that working on the movie with those guys was intimidating (because of their mega-comedic chops I assume) but Arnett and DeVito were super supportive and they were all able to make a “great” movie together. I’m almost inclined to believe it. Why not.

Gallery Info: Fergie and Josh Duhamel out on Main Street during the Sundance Film Festival. Park City, UT – 01/27/2010.