Josh Duhamel Doesn’t Believe In Love At First Sight

Even in a crown and with his finger to his lips he can pull off yummy.  Josh Duhamel was in time square today for Good Morning America (one of those things I wish I knew ahead of time) and posed with some beauty queens conveniently not pictured here. 

Duhamel is currently starring in When in Rome, where he relentlessly pursues Kristen Bell’s character after she takes his coin out of the Fountain of Rome. He says he used this tactic to gain the girl he married and renewed his vows with, Fergie.  “That’s how I got my wife. I literally stalked her for weeks until she said yes. They say it’s not stalking if she says yes.” I like Fergie, but it’s hard for me to see the former bisexual, pants wetter, saying no to much especially Duhamel. But after the cheating rumors he better talk her up every chance he gets. 

The Transformers actor goes on to say that, though he hunted her like prey, he wasn’t positive she was the one right away.  “I’m not a huge believer in love at first sight, but I think that when it is right, often it’s somebody you had that feeling about when you first met them.” He explains  “It’s good to wait it out, dig a little deeper, and over time find out if you’re with the person that’s right.”  I wonder if he gave that same speech to the woman he was engaged to when he met Fergie….