Josh Duhamel Applauds Karaoke, Avoids ‘Fergalicious’

Here’s Las Vegas star Josh Duhamel arriving for lunch at the hotel Casa Del Mar. He seems an agreeable sort, doesn’t he? Kind of “insert good-looking guy A here”? Let’s put it this way, he didn’t annoy me in Transformers. Yeah, I saw Transformers! And I liked it! Optimus Prime is hot!

Josh recently attended a big birthday party for a friend at Blowfish in Los Angeles. There were about 30 people boozing, eating spider rolls (yes, they have spider rolls), and singing karaoke. Josh didn’t sing. Coward!

“He was in the best mood,” a source reports. “He kept shouting, ‘Happy Birthday, man!'”

Reportedly, no one attempted to sing any Fergie songs. The without child Fergie is Josh’s intended, and it would have been so hot if someone sang “Glamorous” and then wet themselves for effect. Ok, hot for everyone else. He might have been a little offended. Fergie’s been busy at the W Hotel, taping a segment for the web series MySpace Presents: The Fit.

I still remember when he went over the waterfall as Leo on All My Children, trying to save that douche Greenlee. Oh, why couldn’t it have been her?


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