Josh Brolin And Megan Fox Share Uncomfortable Sex

Things that make me uncomfortable: the thought of Megan Fox and Josh Brolin having sex. You too? No? Well, it makes Josh Brolin uncomfortable. At least while they’re filming the sex scenes they were awkward and uncomfortable.

Josh and Megan star in the film adaptation of the comic book Jonah Hex, and got to get it on in front of the whole crew. Megan plays a prostitute who falls for the disfigured western hero. Josh tells The Sun about the on screen sex, “To be honest, it was uncomfortable; those scenes are uncomfortable. It was especially uncomfortable because I had this thing on my face.”

Josh got to go through make up every morning and have his mouth pulled back with gaffer tape so prosthetics and a mouthpiece could be fitted to it. This made figuring out how to kiss Ms. Fox much more difficult.

Megan didn’t seem to mind it as much. Or she was just focused on how much she loves playing Leila the prostitute. “She’s a prostitute. It’s sort of like a post-Civil War apocalyptic western – and, unfortunately for women, that’s how they made their living back then. Leila’s a tough, no-nonsense prostitute. I was really happy with it. It is a dark, no-nonsense, no bulls**t comic book movie.”

I can only think of the amazing Megan Fox quotes that are going to come from this movie. It’ll be a nice mix of Josh with the uncomfortable sex and Megan talking about how much she loves sex. They did indeed seem quite cheerful and excited at Comic-Con.

Gallery Info: Josh Brolin, Megan Fox, and their Jonah Hex co-star, Michael Fassbender, at the panel discussion at Comic-Con.