Josh Hutcherson Rocks Slick Suit For Letterman, Says Jennifer Lawrence Has No Filter

Josh Hutcherson Gets Dirty
Josh poses for photographer Tyler Shields.
Hello there handsome. Fresh off of his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, actor Josh Hutcherson paid a visit to the Late Show With David Letterman last night (November 25, 2013).

Speaking of SNL, unfortunately his appearance didn’t fare to well in the ratings. The show hit its season low, down 23% from Lady Gaga’s stint the previous week. My guess is all his fans were at the movie theater catching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Josh talks about his Hunger Games co-star with Dave. “Is she fun to work with?” asked Letterman. 

“She’s incredible. I mean, you’ve seen what she’s like,” Hutcherson replied. “That’s what she’s like. That’s really it. There’s nothing else there — in a good way!”

And she apparently has no filter. Whatsoever.

“She doesn’t have a filter. No, no…She has this thing, where we would do a lot of interviews together and we’d do these roundtables where you go in and there’s like ten journalists. And we’ve had times where we go in there and do these interviews and she’ll just start talking for like five minutes and say crazy, crazy things. And then go, ‘oh sorry, don’t write that, that was off the record.’ And you’re just like ‘OH MY GOD, YOU CAN’T SAY THESE THINGS!'”

Watch his appearance on Letterman below, and see more of the handsome Josh arriving at The Late Show in the gallery.