Josh Hutcherson Spotted Out & About, Super Proud Of Award-Winning Jennifer Lawrence

Josh Hutcherson
The star paddleboarded in Hawaii.
So, Josh Hutcherson, can we discuss your sweater for a second?

The Hunger Games start was spotted out in Beverly Hills yesterday (January 14) picking up some goodies from his local pharmacy. The hat and sunglasses are all well and good, but I’m really not digging the sweater that doesn’t fit. Maybe it was his intention to get lost in it? Personally, I prefer Josh when’s wearing a super snazzy suit.

Or when he’s shirtless filming Catching Fire. That works too. I’m sure all the fan-girls will get a big kick out of all of his shirtless scenes. Speaking of Catching Fire, how does Josh feel about his co-star Jennifer Lawrence winning all sorts of awards?

He couldn’t be happier! The hottie told TMZ that he’s “very proud” of Jennifer on her recent People’s Choice and Golden Globe wins. He even tried to give her a congratulatory phone call, but it seems all the partying has gotten Jennifer sick. But that’s not all Josh had to say on the matter! He told folks to be ready for when he starts winning loads of awards very soon.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Josh and his over-sized sweater. Anybody else not enjoying it? Think he’s going to start winning awards? Let us know which ones you think he’ll win in the comments!