Josh Hutcherson Looks Hot In Motorcycle Photoshoot, Bonded With Liam Hemsworth While Throwing Up

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Talk about a hunk!

20-year-old Josh Hutcherson does not seem to have trouble attracting the ladies and now we know why. Check out that healthy butt! Josh’s muscular derriere was recently an object of affection of his Hunger Games costar Jennifer Lawrence at the 2013 Comic Con panel.

Josh sure has a unique way of bonding with his costars. According to Just Jared, Liam Hemsworth had a special moment with Josh when the two went to White Castle to grab some burgers, became ill from overeating, and threw up their meals together.

“When I shot the first Hunger Games, Josh took me to his place in Kentucky…and he said there was a White Castle right by his house,” said Hemsworth, “So we planned on going there, and we bought three or four of these briefcases of White Castle burgers. We took them back to his house, and we ate them. And then, about a half an hour later — this was our first real bonding experience, me and Josh, this is when we became good friends — we went out to his garden and we threw up together.”

Seen here wearing a plaid shirt and black Ray-Ban sunglasses, actor Josh Hutcherson poses with a motorbike for a photo shoot in Los Angeles, California on August 13th. Josh is pulling off several looks here throughout the shoot, looking great in a fitted black tee, a plaid button up, and gray jean jacket. Those blue jeans look amazing on Josh and he seems as handsome as ever before.