Josh Hutcherson Looks Cute, Spotted Leaving LAX During Super Bowl Weekend [PHOTOS]

Josh Hutcherson
The star paddleboarded in Hawaii.
Hey! Looks like Josh Hutcherson is back to his dark-brown haired self.

The Catching Fire hottie was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday (February 1) jetting out of LA to spend the Superbowl weekend in a far off, distant land.

Well, probably not too far off and distant. We know how fond he is of being able to ride his motorcycle around the streets of LA. Josh made sure to hide his dark hair with a baseball cap before he got to security. I think I prefer him with brown hair as opposed to blonde. What about you guys? 

Now that they’re done filming Catching Fire–or at least mostly done since they’ve shot all of Josh’s shirtless scenes–Josh needs to jump on the making more movies bandwagon. His fans can’t keep waiting for Hunger Games movies! They need more! Hear that Josh? They need more!

Hopefully he’ll be ready to give it to them quite soon. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Josh at LAX. What do you think his Superbowl plans are? Party with friends? On that note, what are your Superbowl weekend plans? Let us know in the comments!