Josh Hutcherson Goes Peeta Blonde On Outing With Mystery Friend [PHOTOS]

Guys, Josh Hutcherson is very, very blonde.

You know what this means don’t you? Catching Fire is going to start filming soon. Yay! Hunger Games fans, rejoice! The teen heartthrob was spotted in Hollywood today picking up a mysterious and leggy lady friend before heading to the Arclight Cinema to enjoy a movie. Think that’s the girl who gave him this hickey?

I won’t lie, Josh looks pretty badass riding around on that motorcycle. If only he was throwing super heavy things from it as he rode away. Now that would be an entertaining Hunger Gamesesque moment, don’t you agree?

Also, I like that he’s carrying around a backpack. You know he’s got some movie theatre snacks tucked away in there. I’m thinking Mr. Pibb & Red Vines cause they’re crazy delicious.

Now, who do we think this tall, blonde girl is other than Taylor Swift’s long lost twin? Come on, they totally look a like! Check out all the photos of the blonde duo in the galley and tell us your thoughts! And don’t forget to let out your excitement for Catching Fire!