Josh Hutcherson Goes From Brunette To Blonde, Plus A Ridiculous Rumor [PHOTOS]

Josh Hutcherson
The star paddleboarded in Hawaii.
Josh Hutcherson Shines
Josh Hutcherson definitely knows how to work a red carpet.
Josh Hutcherson started the day off yesterday (February 20, 2013) as a brunette, but then later in the day magically emerges as a blonde while out in Los Angeles.

Sun-In perhaps?

Our beloved Peeta (The Hunger Games would be a totally different movie if his name was Peta and he worked for the animal rights organization), is reportedly hated by Jennifer Lawrence. At least that is what Star magazine is claiming.

The magazine alleges that Lawrence “recently broke down in tears during a quick trip to London,” quoting the so-called “friend” as saying, “She’s completely overwhelmed and irritable and is fighting with everyone.”

The one person who is at the center of her wrath is Josh Hutcherson. 

The “insider” claims, “She recently exploded on poor Josh and says their friendship ‘is so f**king over. They don’t even make eye contact unless they’re shooting a scene.”

Of course this is all Star magazine bullshit. Gossip Cop reports that the whole claim in entirely made up. Why does anyone buy Star magazine?

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