Josh Hartnett Is 35, Cheers To That!

Josh & His Doggies
Josh Hartnett hit the beach with his puppies
He is the ultimate man’s man being featured in GQ and hanging out with Jay Leno on his show several times… and a total ladies man as well! With his smoldering sexy looks it’s hard to believe that Josh Hartnett is already 35 years old.

From flying planes in the movie Pearl Harbor to playing the role of Charlie Babbit in the theater adaptation of Barry Morrow’s movie Rain Man in London, Josh has been a fan favorite.

Throughout the years Josh has certainly shifted his looks going back and forth between long and short hair.  As well as switching between growing out the facial hair to a nice clean shaved face. In my opinion he always looks great no matter what look he wears! Wether he is bundled up in a coat, wearing a hat, or glasses he is one of those celebrities that can pull off any style.

At any time Josh acknowledges his adoring fans with a wave or stoping to chat or sign autographs for them as you can see in various pictures in the photo gallery. This celebrity goes above and beyond  to reach out to his fans and even spoke to a group of students at Hamline University during Election Day.

All of the while fans love him and his classy gentleman persona. Being the kind of guy that looks like he would shake your Dad’s hand when he meets him and would open the door for you. Girls you know what I’m talking about!

I love that he seems so real and down to earth! In the photo gallery you can catch him joking around with Rihanna, looking suave and debonair on the red carpet, and making the ladies smile. His smile is just enough to make any girl blush and feel butterflies in their stomach.

Happy birthday handsome and cheers to you! Hope you enjoy your big day.

Take a look at the pictures of Josh throughout the years in the photo gallery and appreciate this fine looking man being born!