Josh Harnett Hikes Runyon Canyon [PHOTOS]

Josh Harnett, wearing his signature white Ray-Ban wayferers, took his dog for a hike at Runyon Canyon yesterday (December 6th) in Hollywood.

PHOTOS: Who’s The Lucky Lady Walking With Josh Hartnett?

While we remember the lives in the Pearl Harbor bombing lost seventy years ago today, many a Hartnett fan took to Twitter for a Pearl Harbor lovefest:

@SuzanneBange “Pearl Harbor rememberance day! Honoring it by watching the fantastic movie tonight. Oh Josh Hartnett, u will forever own my <3 #pearlharbor

@TheCometsFlame “In honor of today i’m going to cozy up and watch “pearl harbor” the movie and make googlie eyes at Josh hartnett all night long.”

@PrincessProbz “Thank you to our veterans for serving, and thanks to Josh Hartnett for showing us just how sexy our veterans were.”

@kwkrussell “70 years ago today, a dying Josh Hartnett told Ben Affleck to raise his child as his own #pearlharbor #neverforget