Josh Groban Strips Down To His Birthday Suit [PHOTOS]

October 7th, 2011 // 12 Comments

Josh Groban felt it was the right time to take off his clothes on the balcony of his Swiss hotel today (October 7th), and who are we to argue with him?

VIDEO: Josh Groban Serenades Piers Morgan’s Tweets

Though we weren’t treated to a free show (damn railing that blocketh the view), a brunette on the balcony with Groban got a good giggle.  Caring is sharing, lady.  Tell us what you saw.

We are so excited to see Groban guest star on The Office as Andy Bernard’s brother towards the end of the month.  According to Daemon’s TV, casting Groban was all Mindy Kaling‘s idea.  Brills.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. OMG! Josh with no shirt! That is a rare find. I wouldn’t conclude it was his birthday suit, but even no shirt is rare for him. He’s so super-modest.

  2. Who is the lady, BTW?

  3. Josh Grobin naked nude hotel balcony holding underwear Switzerland
    Commented on this photo:

    Stop saying non sens, josh Groban would never be a show off like this! plus, he explained himself on his twitter, so….
    People or magazine like yours should be destroyed, LIARS!

  4. Clever

    TO that stupid son of a bitch who is filtered my comment > you have touch a celebrity that you shouldn’t have! dont think to yours self that is just a angry comment and nothing will happen cause you already have tons of those BUT you will see… Be caution, the gam would be more fun for me!

  5. Cate

    He’s such a sexy guy!! He just tweeted that he was NOT naked and he had shorts on, so whoever wrote this can’t do research and believes anything they read online.

  6. Josh Grobin naked nude hotel balcony holding underwear Switzerland
    Cheryl Buhler
    Commented on this photo:

    Well Josh,For the Grobanites ? lol Very nice <3

  7. Josh Grobin naked nude hotel balcony holding underwear Switzerland
    Cheryl Buhler
    Commented on this photo:

    The question in my head.If the railing is in the way ,how do you know he is naked?

    • Davina Woodard

      he has already commented on Twitter that he was not naked so you guys should apologize to him for spreading lies. Shame on you who even started this and as was asked already …how do you even know he was naked if you can’t see throught the railing….you don’t and so whomever is spreading these lies I hope they get in big trouble.

    • Jenny

      The photographer could have seen Josh ben over to slip off his boxers.

  8. Gillian

    Josh just tweeted about this. He wasn’t naked. Even if he lied about this, I don’t believe he would walk out in his birthday suit, even on a balcony. Doesn’t fit his profile.

  9. Jenny

    The lady is the french singer Lorene Devienne. Josh is naked. He is holding his shirt and undies. He tweeted lies on twitter to calm fans.

  10. Sara Jones

    Clearly he’s holding his hat and gray t-shirt. He said he had just finished a game of tennis. He was probably pretty sweaty and about to shower. You are sinking pretty low (pun intended) when you surmise he’s naked. Isn’t there the practice of credibility that journalists are supposed to follow?

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