Josh Groban Serenades Piers Morgan (And His Tweets) [VIDEO]

Josh Groban entertains the masses on tonight’s Piers Morgan Tonight, serenading the talk show host through the magic of social media.  Much like he did with Kanye West’s tweets back in January, Groban pulled out a few gems of Morgan’s to begin his set.  “You have some tweets that are mighty epic,” Groban told Morgan.  “I feel that perhaps I might want to give some of your very dramatic, very passionate tweets some of the gravitas that they, quite frankly, deserve.

VIDEO: Every Time Josh Groban Opens His Mouth, Angels Fly Out

“I wish I had a piano, because that would make this a whole lot easier.”

In the best casting news since…Brad Pitt guested on Friends, Groban, who performed at Staples Center August 17th, will appear on this season of The Office as Andy Bernard’s younger brother.  Fans are aware that Andy LOVES to belt out a good tune, so it’s only right to assume that we’ll hear A) A sing-off B) A duet  C) BOTH.

Check out the video after the jump.