Josh Duhamel Shows Off Mohwak, Then Covers It Up For Round Of Golf [PHOTOS]

Josh Emotes With Katie
Josh Duhamel and Katie Holmes filming 'The Romantics?'
There is a certain etiquette when one plays golf (ugly pants?), and actor Josh Duhamel seemed to respect that when he hit the links on Friday (March 16).

Duhamel showed off his new mohawk haircut as he stopped at a gas station on the way to play golf with a friend. Josh, who shaved the sides of his head off for a role in his new film Scenic Route, was photographed wearing a hat once he made it on to the golf course.

In the film, Duhamel stars alongside Kung Fu Panda actor Dan Fogler as former college friends who decide to hit the highway together. Their friendship is put to the test when things go awry and they find themselves stranded in the desert.

Check out all the pics of Josh’s new hairdo in the gallery.