Josh Duhamel Rocks A Sweatband: Would You Hit It?

Josh Duhamel? Sweaty? Sweatband? Are you into it?

The sexy actor was spotted in Los Angeles today working the look after a visit to the gym. I’m not gonna lie guys, I’m kind of into it. Although it could be that I’m distracted by his grey beard.

Or maybe it’s because Josh Duhamel is majorly sexy no matter what he does/wears/doesn’t wear. Am I right, ladies and gents? 

Also, get ready to have your mind blown: Josh and Fergie have been together for 10 years. 10 years! They’ve only been married for 5 years, but 10 is really an eternity in Hollywood. And their son is super adorable. So Josh and Fergie, here’s to at least 10 more years.

Now back to ogling: would you tap him if he was wearing the sweatband? Like, while you guys were getting down to business? Launch the gallery to help you decide, then let us know in the comments. I expect all of you to say yes, because of course.