Josh Duhamel Plays With A Puppy [PHOTOS]

Fergie & Josh On Vacation
Fergie and Josh Duhamel show some skin.
Aww. What is cuter than a hot guy and his puppy?

After dropping off his Black Eyed Peas wife Fergie at a medical building, actor Josh Duhamel took his dog to the park to play yesterday (December 27th, 2012) in Santa Monica.

Josh could be seen tossing a tennis ball, as he played some fetch with the little guy.

The actor, who is pretty active on Twitter, took to the social networking site on Christmas Eve to defend football player Tim Tebow.

A few days ago, ESPN talking head Merril Hoge came out and needlessly trolled Tebow’s enormous fanbase by calling their guy “phony.” Josh decided to chime in.

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