Josh Duhamel Loves His Son So Much, And His Instagram Is Proof

Fergie & Josh On Vacation
Fergie and Josh Duhamel show some skin.
Josh Duhamel was already adorable and perfect, but after looking at his Instagram you’re going to love him even more. Yes, it is possible.

Josh has filled his Instagram with all of my favorite things: babies, dogs, and him looking sexy on set. The only problem with it is that he doesn’t post pictures every five minutes. That’s the only way that it could be better. 

Josh has posted countless pictures of his son Axl, which is great because Axl is the cutest baby ever. In true first time dad fashion, Josh likes to make his son pose for pictures, whether it’s holding a happy birthday sign for mom Fergie or wearing an adorable tuxedo bib in honor of the Oscars. Josh likes to make his son look adorable, and I have absolutely no problem with it.

As you might know, Josh is also a huge fan of dogs, and even rescued a pup of his own named Zoe. So along with babies, there are pictures of dogs – and babies with dogs. Ugh. Yes.

Josh has a lot of pictures of him on set as well, particularly from his movie Lost In The Sun. He even has a shot of a newspaper article that had a wanted ad with a sketch artist drawn picture of him. For the movie, of course. There’s no way a guy who loves cuddly creatures that much could ever be a criminal.

His only crime is stealing our hearts. Ha ha ha….but really, it’s so true.