Josh Duhamel Looks Hot In A Suit On The Set Of ‘Battle Creek’

We see celebrities dressed up and looking dapper on the red carpet all the time, but a hot celebrity man in a suit running around and flexing his muscles as he chases bad guys? That’s just the best.

Josh Duhamel was seen filming on the set of his new series Battle Creek, and he looked pretty darn good while doing it. Josh plays a detective, and appeared to be chasing bad guys as he ran around all dressed up in his suit. Perfection. 

Battle Creek is a show about two detectives who see things differently, and how they work together to clean up the streets of their town. Sounds interesting. I’d be willing to watch it if Josh looks that good in every episode. Seriously.

As if he wasn’t already hot enough, Josh was seen out with his adorable rescue dog Zoe the other day, and revealed that he’s a major advocate for adopting rescue dogs. “I can speak from experience: [adopting] was the smartest thing we’ve done when it comes to owning a pet.”

Zoe is also fond of Josh’s other favorite tiny cuddly thing: his son with singer Fergie, Axl. “She’s really cute and she sits at the corner of his mat, when he’s rolling around playing with his stuff, sits and plays guard dog.” Basically, Josh has a perfect, adorable life, is what he’s saying. Ugh. Too cute.