Josh Duhamel Is Busy Being Attractive For ‘Battle Creek’, Is Going To Make You Cry In ‘You’re Not You’

Can we all discuss the fact that Josh Duhamel looks even more attractive with slicked back hair?

Whereas Brad Pitt looked creepy, Josh looks like the hottest dude on the plant. The actor was showing of his hot side in Los Angeles today on the set of his new show Battle Creek. I’m kind of excited to see him back on my TV. He looks good on the TV.

Not that he doesn’t look good on the big screen. And actually we’ll be seeing him there in a month. 

Josh is starring alongside Hilary Swank and Emmy Rossum in the movie You’re Not You. It tells the story of Hilary’s character, a pianist suffering from ALS. Yes, ALS. The thing all those ice bucket challenges have been focusing on. You can watch the trailer below. You’ll probably tear up.

So after you cry, launch the gallery to be reminded of handsome Josh. You will feel joy and sadness. Oh, Josh. You have such skills.